Foamer 160

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  • 160mm Popper with 250LB thru-wire for large grade tuna
  • 83g rear-weighted to cast long distances and improves action
  • Rattle action elicits explosive action 
  • Mustad 3X 4/0 Treble hooks can handle any grade tuna 
  • 3 Lethal colors for Southern California Tuna 
  • The perfect size for all Tuna from 15 - XXL models 

We designed the Foamer 160 to be your go-to popper to throw into foaming or breezing schools of fish. It is the perfect size for anything from 15 pounds all the way up to the big models. The Thru-wire connects the eye of the popper through both treble hooks forming a rock solid connection from the last trebble hook to your line. All three of these colors work well in Southern California on Yellowfin or Bluefin.